winona’s bakery

winona’s bakery
one of the best parts of travel
is discovering favorite local places…
especially in small towns! i love finding
a good bakery or restaurant that
you know is loved by people who live
there. this was definitely the case with
winona’s bakery! it was probably our
favorite meal of the trip…and that is
saying a lot! after a morning of hiking
and biking, we were tired & hungry..
and this place 100% hit the spot!
^^ first of all, their famous cinnamon rolls…
it was roughly the size of my head! we could
hardly make a dent. my dad is one of my
favorite people to go out to eat with, he
loves food almost as much as i do!
^^ the thai chicken wrap was hands down
everyone’s favorite. AMAZING flavor, especially
with the peanut sauce on the side! i need to have
this every single day. we all wanted to go back for more!
^^ my pear salad…love that they put
fresh muffins on the side of all salads!
^^ delicious ahi tuna salad, always
my dad’s #1 choice at restaurants.
he approved!
^^ the swiss-mushroom burger was another winner.
make sure to get avocado on it too!
 ^^ such a satisfying meal with a balance
of comfort food and healthy food.
 ^^ and, loved the cute crew at this place.
amazing service always adds to the draw!
colorado, you have so much amazing
food and scenery and people!
more to come! thanks, winona’s.