why i love “boutique hotels”

why i love “boutique hotels”
have you ever stayed at a
“boutique hotel”? do you
know what it is? my
own definition is: the
kind of hotel i know i’ll
adore :) the real definition
is: a smaller, independent
hotel with ultra-personal
service and unique flair.
sounds pretty good, right? i’ve
adored every boutique hotel
i’ve stayed in…there is
just something more personal,
more memorable, more fun 
about a hotel like this.
great example of a boutique
hotel in the mountains
that we stayed at this
week while in colorado!
todd & his wife tiffany own
this hotel and they put their
heart and soul into it. that is
what makes it such a great place
 to stay, and that is why i want to
share it. as long as you’re staying
in a hotel, why not get the most
personal experience possible?
^^ from the minute you check in to this hotel,
you’re greeted with such a friendly welcome and
you feel like you’re staying with friends. todd and his
wife tiffany are the cutest as you can see, and they
gave us so many great tips for our stay {including my
the place, todd can be seen cleaning windows, doing
laundry, and talking with customers all day. it’s so
amazing to see what a big part of the hotel he is.
it makes the experience so unique and better than
other kinds of hotels. we were lucky to meet them!
^^ yes, please! the sauna felt so good
at night after being out in the cool 
mountain air…and can you imagine 
this during a winter ski vacation?
^^ right up against the mountain
in a gorgeous setting
we recommend the inn at steamboat
for any time of year that you visit.
staying here is so comfortable, cozy,
and unique. we loved it!
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