moving requires treats

moving requires treats
true or false, we are
moving yet AGAIN…..
crazy to say this is true!
// let me explain //
we’ve been in a tiny studio
apartment this year in the
basement of an old charming
building in san francisco.
we’ve always wanted to live in
a studio and be able to say that
we fit our life into a little box,
but after commuting each day
it was a little hard to come home
to a place where we couldn’t spread
out and didn’t feel as comfortable.
we had always had our eyes set on somewhere like
that this was something that we’d have to work up to.
it also didn’t help that our neighbors
smoked, it always had a smoke smell,
and we just weren’t loving it but we
were making it work. we also were
living on the border of a slightly
more dangerous area, and it was
starting to wear on me…the car
break-in, the feeling of needing to be
with chase if i wanted to go running,
etc. we knew we needed a change,
and the right thing came along! We had even looked at a moving a bit further afield to Australia after seeing some of the homes on Sovereign Hills but ultimately decided we weren’t ready to leave just yet. One of
our closest family friends knew a
darling couple moving out here
in need of a place in the city.
chase started helping them look, &
stumbled upon a beautiful, redone,
2-bedroom apartment in nob hill.
he sent me up there to check it
out, i fell in love with the space
and the light and the hardwood
floors, and we had the idea with
them to move in together and
split rent! it might sound crazy
but lots of people do it out here
in SF where rent prices are about
3,000 and up per month, which
is crazy! i love this city but i’d
rather buy plane tickets each
month! :) so, splitting things in
half makes it way better. not to
mention, more fun! i am so
excited to have roomies — living
the SF version of “friends” or
“new girl,” haha! when else in
our life can we live with another
couple in the best area of the
city and have the best time?
it’s perfect for us and we are so
happy. moving is the PITS, but
in this case very worth it. now
we better be in the place a while
because that was our 5th move in
just 2 years! One thing that can be a pain to redo is home insurance. Although it does feel amazing when you find cheaper home insurance than you have been paying! at least we’ve experienced
difference places and now really
appreciate this one :) lots more on
our new roommates to come,
{who we already love PS…}
and a tour of the new place to
come once it’s put together,
but for now — a few pictures of
our moving day which consisted
mostly of the girls picking up
treats and putting together
the kitchen and decorating
while the boys did the heavy
lifting. what can i say, we
have good husbands! we
stopped by batter bakery on
polk street near our new
place and absolutely fell in
LOVE with it. it was a fun
little outing with becca and
so so yummy. here are some
of the treats that took our minds
off moving — always a good idea.
let’s focus on treats, not moving!
^^ the blueberry peach cornmeal scone,
so darling and so yummy. all of the
treats at batter bakery are like rustic
comfort foods that your mom would make,
but kicked up a notch …as the owner says.
it’s so true. they are all the best flavor
combos and taste so homemade.
^^ apricot cranberry granola, mouth is watering!
two of my favorite dried fruits with granola..YUM.
^^ jen is the owner of batter bakery and as you
can see, she’s darling. we have her to thank for
the good treats she’s brought to this city! we also chatted
with her forever so that we could forget that
we were in the middle of a stressful move :)
^^ go get the sour cream apricot muffin
and thank me later. heavenly!
these scones…how pretty are they?
a lot of the flavors change weekly based
on what’s fresh at the farmer’s market,
which i love. the peach / rhubarb/ pistachio
combos were making my taste buds happy.
^^ hi pretty new roomie!
glad she will come along with
me to good new places to eat!
^^ and, can’t forget the treats. sooo good.
just look at them! if you go here, GET THE
CARMELITA. i almost cried while eating
it because it was THAT. GOOD. i promise.
pb chocolate chip is also so fluffy!!!
^^ thanks for the fun visit jen!
^^ we rewarded these movers very well :)
now we’re moved, and i {barely} caught a
flight to colorado so on the road this week..
but dreaming of these treats + our new place!