james taylor concert

james taylor concert
you know those nights that are magic? 
where you want to freeze time and make
it last forever…this was one of those. for
our anniversary, chase got us james taylor 
concert tickets…AKA a slice of heaven. if 
you are a james taylor fan, i know we would 
be best friends because the best people love 
and appreciate james taylor . he is so classic 
& wholesome and his music sounds like home.
 we got lawn tickets and put blankets down
and sat under the stars singing to our favorite
songs. i wrapped up in chase’s sweatshirt
and listened to the voice i’ve always loved
and was so content. JT (the original one:)
makes me feel so nostalgic and like 
i’m laying on the boat on jackson lake 
with my entire family, so i’m always in the 
mood for it and can never miss a chance 
to hear him live. i’m glad we didn’t!
“and at night the stars, they put on a show for free
and darling, you can share it all with me…”
those lyrics fit perfectly into the starry night 
we were under as we heard this song and all
the other classics. highlights were something in
the way she moves, mexico, shower the people,
and of course gone to carolina. this concert
filled up my soul and came during such a happy
week after our anniversary and right before i finish
this crazy TFA experience. thanks james for
always being there! thanks husband for such
a fun date. as james says, you are my only one!