dunn family photos

dunn family photos
well, it’s official! my parents made
the 22-hour flight and are currently
in johannesburg, SA! it’s crazy but i
am so happy for them and can’t wait
to follow their adventures + visit.
in the meantime, i’m so happy we took
these family pictures on our last trip
as a family in laguna beach. we will
cherish them extra because we may
not all be in one place again for 
the next 3 years, and by then our 
family will have changed a lot!
thanks so much to cute stacy thiot of 
for taking these and being so great.
she is based in LA and drove all the
way down to laguna with her husband
to take these. they were so cute with
the kids and helped make it easier
to shoot lots of pictures! it felt so
laid back and nice, and i will
now have these to look at 
when i’m missing everyone! 

the cutest grandparents + kiddos i ever did see…
^^ the original dunn fam
^^ in love with this one! already miss these cuties.

^^sibling love

^^ i love this one…it looks like a metaphor to me,
all of us sitting on the edge of something looking
out at the horizon // future… so cheesy but kind
of represents the big change to come and being in
it all together! (forgive me for the sap!! :)

thanks again to stacy of red poppy photography
these are some pictures we will love forever,
and we can’t recommend her enough.
it’s all about family!