best south bay lunch

best south bay lunch
last week i finished my commute
FOREVER! i will not miss it but
i will miss our friends in the 
south bay! we have the best food
in SF all around us, but there is one
place in willow glen i wish i could
have lunch at every day…la villa.
since it was the final day of my
commute, i had to stop in and
take some pictures and pick up
some of their best things to
say farewell to the south bay &
the darling town of willow glen!
this family-owned business is
always crowded & a local favorite..
the best kind of place! the
italian food is authentic
and fresh and the cheese//
pasta smell when you walk in
the door is enough to fill you
up before you even order!
the “ravs” are the most
popular item, their homemade
ravioli that you can get to go
and cook at home, or get them
hot and fresh to eat there.
YUMMM-Y! i loved talking
to chris and trisha, cute
siblings who run the place
that their parents own!
they are so personal with
customers & know most of them.
chris even invented his own
sandwich and i am STILL
dreaming of this…the ingredients
are secret, which i love…so good
you don’t even know how they
achieved that taste! here are some
shots of the cute inside and the
amazing food — if you are in 
silicon valley, stop in here!
^^ it has an old charming italian deli feel..
and, that smell! honestly, heaven.
^^ all the goods.
the homemade arancini
was the most surprising–
didn’t expect how good
it would be! i loved the 
eggplant flavor the most.
^^ the chris combo. MAKE SURE TO GET THIS.
^^ too good for words
caesar pasta salad, hello! why have i never
had caesar as a pasta salad? loved it.
^^ the famous “ravs…” knocked our socks off!
^^ there’s also fresh pasta you can 
pick up to make at home
^^ now i need one of these shirts!
^^ i loved getting to know these two,
and having the best lunch to say
farewell to the south bay.
ps..willow glen residents!
you can use the “order ahead” app
to order and pay before you arrive!
hope you try this fun place right on lincoln!