anniversary scavenger hunt!!

anniversary scavenger hunt!!
new anniversary tradition!
it was my year to plan our
anniversary, and i do not
take these things lightly.
there’s nothing better to 
celebrate than love, and
we’ve packed a lot into
our first two years of
marriage…so i wanted
to represent that in
our celebration. i came 
up with the idea of a
scavenger hunt all
through san francisco
about things we have 
done this past year of
marriage. it took lots
of work (and clever 
poem-writing skills :)
but it was worth it!
it was funny to watch
chase figure out my clues
and look for the next
one, and it was a fun
way to reminisce about
all of the adventures
we’ve had as we look
back on the last 2 years!
i think this should be our
tradition every year…
just saying, chase! :)
here is a little taste of
the scavenger hunt that
we spread throughout the
weekend. xoxoxoxo

after waking up to peonies on
the bed and watching our 
wedding video while
cuddling, i got up and
made us danish pancakes
for breakfast and gave
him the first poem…

dear hubby…

“can you believe it’s been two?
life has only gotten better, thanks to you!
a lot has happened since you married me,
& if you don’t believe me then you will see…
since we got married we’ve had a ball
traveling, working, and seeing it all.
we’ve moved 5 times in 3 different cities,
(and during those moves–it wasn’t too pretty! :)
in these two years we’ve seen new sights,
done 7 countries + had some jet lag fights.
here’s a little poem about the best two years,
filled with highs and lows and laughter and tears.
so pay close attention and catch all the clues,
so that these memories we never will lose.
this is to celebrate our anniversary dear,
so let’s get started and it will all be clear!”

^^ and the scavenger hunt begins!

“let’s start with our very
first home as a pair,
a place that is warm
and sunny and fair.
our fave healthy breakfast
is found in this place,
a healthy concoction
that will be a good base.”

{acai bowls at earthbar}

“since you’ve helped me finish TFA this year,
let’s find a place to celebrate and cheer.
it’s a place full of teaching and learning too,
something we both learned just how to do.
it’s on our walk right on washington street,
so keep your eyes peeled & start moving your feet!”


“congrats! you found the clue at a school.
it represents finishing TFA and grad school!
thanks for helping me do both while keeping my cool
and we can’t forget your big job this past year,
that changed the course of your whole career.
the best job in the world is yours to do,
and i love seeing how happy it makes you!
look for a street sign that starts with a G,
the same letter as your favorite company!”

{gough street..can you spot the “2” ?}

“hey you googler, you found me, you’re really good!
that must be why they give all that free food.
although you love work and they treat you best,
now it’s time for some reverence and rest.
the gospel helps our marriage be the best it can be,
so what better way to celebrate – church with me!
there’s a hint inside when you get in,
so look closely when you’re singing the hymn!”


“after some church full of good thoughts,
it’s time to enjoy and celebrate lots.
your next clue is at one of your favorite places,
it has a big line and lots of happy faces.
fresh batches come out every night around nine,
but we have to stop now- so don’t you whine!”

{bob’s donuts — with the clue inside his donut bag!
the lady who works here loves chase, because
we may or may not be regulars…so she was
so excited to help with this clue! haha}

“you made it to bob’s donuts, your favorite treat.
they’re pretty good, but they can be beat.
remember our trip to that city in france?
let’s go get a crepe and maybe even dance.”

{the crepe house}

“memories of paris are filling our heads,
but don’t forget the place with the flag that is red.
we traveled this country to 5 different cities,
it was crazy and fun and also really pretty.
we loved the egg tarts and boba smoothies,
the people, the sites, and the memories.
think of a place nearby us if you can
that reminds you of that faraway land.”

^^ a high-5 after giving chase the clue, ha!


“chinatown! we’re here! you found the clue.
now what do you think we should do?
well, let’s do the next country we’ve traveled to,
it’s a few streets down and a favorite for you.
we ate the best here out of any trip,
with gelato and pasta and frigidarium dip.
look for the flag on the poles of the street,
your clue will be in a shop with a cold treat!”

{little italy, gelato shop}

“little italy reminds us of being in rome,
when really we’re just right by our home.

now eat your gelato with a spoon not a fork,
and think of our fun trip to new york.
we’ve traveled that city a lot as a pair,
so look for this city’s washington square.”

{washington square}
“this year we made it to dallas and vegas too,
and even disneyland… heaven for you!
next try to think of the place that we went
to film a travel show– jerbear is your hint!
it’s a cloudy place that’s near the sand,
so look for some warm soup if you can.”

{boudin bakery}

“can you believe all the places we’ve been?
traveling with you makes me grin.
this year we had a canceled flight,
to a place where we had to miss a night.
we eventually got there and it was so fun,
so look for a place where their government runs.”

{spain consulate}

“the spain consulate! bet you didn’t guess that..
in barcelona and madrid on vespas we sat.
we might not have a vespa here yet,
but do we have bikes in this city? you bet!
let’s go get our bikes and hop on them now,
so you can finish this and then take a bow!”

“we’re back at our place and ready to roll,
but let’s not forget a place that’s good for the soul.
this year we discovered the best getaway,
to napa + sonoma…right near the bay.
we love these places but not for the wine,
so look for a place that represents them with a sign.”

^^ “napa wines” shop right by our apartment

“now that we’re biking, what to do?
let’s not forget about portugal too.
i think our favorite town was there for you.
time to find consulate number two!”

{portuguese consulate}
“we’ve done some big cities in these two years,
but let’s not forget mother nature dear!
we love to be outside and hike all day,
and that’s why we did yosemite this may.
those half dome cables we held real tight,
so find a place full of nature sights.”

{golden gate park}

“golden gate park is the very best,
it lets us escape from the city and rest.
remember when you surprised me in SLC?
well now i have a surprise for you, hee hee!
follow the path to the beach we adore,
through this big park and to the seashore.”

{lands end // sutro baths}
“we’re almost there, you’ve done so well!
let’s have dinner where the sea swells.
it’s our favorite place in this town,
i think you know where…so let’s go down!”

the cliff house– you guessed it.
the very best place! 
you deserve it after this wild goose chase.
now let’s eat and celebrate,
a year that’s really & truly been great.
thanks for loving me so well,
as a husband and man you really are swell.
i can’t wait to see what the next year will bring,
now shh, i just heard the dinner bell ring!”

^^ the final clue!
more from our amazing
anniversary dinner to come,
but that was the scavenger hunt!
we had so much fun going all around
town and i have a feeling this tradition
will continue every year as we trade
off, and the clues will get tougher and
tougher each year.. :) loved it!