2 reasons why i need to move to vail

2 reasons why i need to move to vail
so there are two reasons i probably
will need to move to vail, colorado
1. it is the cutest town on earth
{feels like europe.}
2. you can get homemade ice cream
DELIVERED to you there. whaaat?
first let’s talk about the town, then the ice
cream. tell me if you aren’t won over after this.
^^ am i in europe, or colorado?
^^ running through the pretty ski resort!
^^ i will stop the pictures here
to be nice since i know you want
to move here just as bad now :)
just wait until you hear about this ice
cream company and you’ll really be sold.
^^ i heard about scoop vail and knew we
HAD to try it. tim is my same age and
lives in vail valley… he was working as a
ski instructor and one night had the thought
that vail needed a good ice cream place. not
only that, but he thought it needed to be delivered
to people. he is one smart guy! i’m shocked i’ve
never heard of an ice cream delivery service in SF
or NYC or a big city! love that it’s right in vail.
he has the best flavors that taste so homemade
{because they are…} and he takes them around
when you order them. they are also in select
stores in the area! we had so much fun meeting tim
elwhen he delivered his famous ice cream to our hotel.
 ^^ the best part of his deliveries…
mini bags of sprinkles! i about died.
 ^^ heaven in a picture!
^^ happy campers with our delivered ice cream.
we were all trading and sharing because each
flavor is so divine! mud season was amazing,
and the vail-nilla had the yummiest vanilla bean
texture + cutest name. the green mint chip was
so unique because it actually had the mint taste
instead of the fake tasting one. i don’t know
how to describe it but it was so fresh + tasty!
^^ my brother might have been the
biggest ice cream fan of us all.
^^ his business card says “chief enjoyment officer”
haha! that explains tim right there. what a guy and
what a company! i hope this ice cream expands so
i can get it in california eventually! you HAVE to
check it out when in vail. it’s the best!