the happiest place on earth

the happiest place on earth

there are not many words that can describe
disneyland…it’s just magic! especially with
little ones. we had the best {longest, most tiring}
day with the whole family at disneyland, including
the cutest mickey + minnie mouse i ever did see.
it was perfect weather, not too hot or cold, and
not as crowded as normal days since we went on
a weekday. also, fun fact: chase is OBSESSED with
disneyland. he loves it and so he ran the show,
getting us fast passes, checking the d-land app to
see which rides had short wait times, and making
sure we covered the entire park. what. a. day!
here are lots and lots of pictures of the fun.

^^ the cutest grandkids + grandparents.
they will love this picture while 
they’re gone the next 3 years!!!
^^ one cute uncle!
^^ i am so obsessed with this picture…
cutest + happiest thing! i think i should
give it to disneyland to be one of their ads!
^^ MEETING mickey…AKA best day of
maddie & tagg’s lives.
^^ a stop for the signature disney cinnamon roll
{one of maaaanny treats we had…cough cough dole whip}
^^ jungle cruisin’
^^ sibs on splash mountain!
(my favorite ride by far)
^^ cutest mom in the world!
^^ tagg wanted to give woody a kiss! haha!
^^ and, some kettle corn of course
^^ love my minnie mouse!
^^ love being auntie and uncle!
^^ taggie boy = the CUTEST
^^ riding buzz lightyear!
^^ the biggest kid at disneyland
parade time…
and, one last storybook boat ride
right as the park was closing. cutest ride!
bye for now, disneyland!
thanks for the best day with
the best people spent zipping
around on rides, meeting characters,
entertaining ourselves in line, eating
the best treats, and acting like little
kids again. nothing else like it!

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