sunday picnics

sunday picnics
we have a new c&e tradition on our hands!
{living away from home makes sundays
different since we miss the big family dinners,
so here is our new sunday picnic tradition…….}

sunday mornings begin like this:

then we add some of this,

then after walking to church and back, we blend up 
some pineapple popsicles {husband’s specialty}…
and pack up some food for a picnic by the sea.
on our walk down to the water we pass by this street:
and this famous street:
we get to the cannery and wander through it..
then find a good spot to sit and soak up the ocean air
{and chocolate smell from ghirardelli back there…}
kick back and relax with some good food,
good view, and good company. pure happiness.
then, up lots of stairs to make up for all
the chocolate samples we have at ghirardelli…
past a few apartment buildings i dream of living in…
IMG_1516 IMG_1537
and of course, after all those stairs…
we can’t help but stop for some ice cream.
we love you, san francisco.
we plan to have lots more picnics
in this pretty city together.
happy weekend!