memorial day weekend

memorial day weekend
i’ve always loved a good memorial day weekend.
there is no better way to celebrate our country
and the brave people who have fought for our 
freedom than celebrating life and the amazing
blessings we have. i love this kick-off to summer
and always stop to think how lucky & blessed
we are to live in this country. we discovered
yet another beautiful part of the u.s.a. this
weekend, Y O S E M I T E. hello, it’s so
beautiful that i can’t handle it. i have no
idea how we’ve never been, but so glad
we have now! we went with our bffs
and they have been lots of times so
they showed us the ropes. we camped 
out under the stars, sat around the
fire, ate lots, and did the CRAZIEST
but best hike: half dome. pictures
from that crazy hike coming at you
this week, but here are a few from
the weekend. (the major part was
half dome, so more on that later!)
^^ as we drive into the park, this casually 
comes into view. it was love at first sight.
^^ we set up camp, and the smell of 
burning wood and pine trees and dirt
put the biggest smile on my face. i love
the city but i have missed this!
^^ horsey love
^^ love these two
^^ mirror lake
^^ these two…i’m surprised they 
didn’t end up in the water!
^^ waterfall mist
^^ cutest camper, i would sleep
next to him in a tent any night.
 ^^ morning light at our campground
^^ seriously, that morning light?
mother nature showing off.
^^ these friends make everything a party
happy memorial day! 
more from half dome to come.