lovely laguna beach

lovely laguna beach
this town has a piece of my heart.
we came every year growing up, and i
have some of the best memories in this
place. family trips, girls trips, shopping 
with my grandma in town, spring break
trips, college trips when chase and i were first 
dating, and a birthday surprise for chase our
first summer married are just a few of my
favorite memories here. it is the most charming
place and always feels so familiar whenever i return.

^^ a huuuge acai bowl on the beach..this is livin’
^^ husband + brother taking the longboards out

^^ miss maddie mae, AKA beach babe of the year
^^ getting a good swing!

^^ love seeing the littles fall in love with this place too!
^^ i can’t even stand to think about how
much these two will miss their papa + yaya.

^^ orange inn, the best part of laguna beach.
please go and get the OI smoothie, a cranberry
orange muffin, and a breakfast burrito. thank me later.
^^ hi little Z! we love this darling, special guy.
he got his first tan on this trip and was happy the whole time!
^^ and, can’t forget a dinner out at BJ’s pizza.
two words: deep dish. one word: PIZOOKIE.
^^ cute boys!

love you, laguna.
i promise to make it
back to you every year!