spring in salt lake

if you didn’t notice, i looooved going home for a 
visit last week. it was exactly what i needed after a 
rough few months of moving, getting robbed, getting a 
$500 ticket, commuting, having my identity stolen, 
adjusting to change, getting a flat tire at 7 AM on 
the way to work, getting used to a new apartment, 
randomly experiencing homesickness for the first
time since we moved 2 years ago, and finishing out
grad school and TFA while not knowing what i’ll do
next. talk about stress! being at home and seeing all
my people was so fun, so nice, so comforting, so
needed. i love that place with all my heart and when
i go back i wonder why on earth we live away! but,
then i come back here and fall in love with our SF life  
all over again. even just landing in SF, seeing chase, 
driving back across the bay bridge and seeing those city 
lights made me remember that i love this adventure 
and living away right now… i just make chase promise 
that we’ll do our best to get back home one day…
because no matter how much we love other
places, the most important things are there. 

so anyway, all that rambling goes to say..i love you,
salt lake city. you feel like home and even though
we are away now, we dream of coming back one day!
also…you are pretty perfect in the springtime.

last week i spent lots of time with family,
saw all my best friends, and ate a LOT
featuring favorite (and some new) restaurants 
around salt lake city. you can see all
the posts at the bottom, but this last
post has just a few more highlights
of pretty salt lake city in the spring.

^^ home sweet home

^^ sunday dinners = one of the things 
i miss very most about home!
^^ another fab part of being home
^^ celebrated april birthdays with family..
how cute is my grandma ginny?
^^ just my parent’s backyard…it’s not fair!
^^ lots of treats and dates with my mom
^^ this is seriously taken standing in the backyard of
my parent’s house. did i used to take this for granted?
^^ neighborhood views // bike rides in the park
^^ trail runs in millcreek canyon…
1 minute from my parent’s house
^^ pretty city
^^ dinner out to hires // celebrating 
my big brother’s 30th birthday!
^^ fam time
^^ mom + gram ♥ two beauties!
^^ front yard view…you can see the city
behind all those trees! glad i made it in 
time for perfect weather this visit.
salt lake city and love calling it home.
i guess i should be glad that living away
only makes me love it more! until next time..

ps.. see the rest of my time in SLC here:

whew! we packed it in!