san francisco photo shoot

san francisco photo shoot
when kirsten from knw photography asked 
us to shoot with her for her new website
launch, of course we jumped at the chance!
i’ve loved kirsten’s pictures for a while,
so we were excited to 1) finally meet up 
with her, 2)  shoot around our new
neighborhood, and 3) get some of her
talented photos! she did not disappoint.
we took these about a month ago, and
i’ll be honest—i felt very tired + pale + like
i had eaten a little too much in europe
right before this… haha so i was not too 
sure how these photos would turn out. 
well, here’s proof that kirsten is a true 
talent, because they are so great despite 
us not being jet lagged from our trip 
and not quite at our best :) this only 
proves how good she is, and how 
pretty san francisco is. we shot all
around our new neighborhood,
then headed out to the sunset
district and caught lands end right
during a foggy, golden sunset.
i will love these forever!
thanks kirsten! xoxo
i’m so glad i have these to keep
forever to remember this time
in our life! kirsten is not only
talented talented talented,
she is so great to work with.
really. she just tells you exactly
what to do, how to pose, where 
to look, how to stand, etc.
we both said how refreshing
and fun it was to work with her,
because she made it so easy! we
not only met a great photographer
but also new friends in kirsten
and her husband. after all that
shooting we all went to dinner
+ dessert and chatted for hours.
we love them and highly
recommend her photography.
we were so lucky to collaborate!