from scratch SLC

from scratch SLC
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a new SLC restaurant coming at you today…
i am now back in san francisco after THE BEST 
week visiting family in salt lake city. that place 
gets better each time i go back! i loved featuring 
some favorite places as well as some new ones, 
like this one today. my mom and aunt and i went 
out together to try a new restaurant, from scratch
umm, this place rivals anywhere i’ve tried in SF, 
napa, new york, etc. i’m serious. it’s a new, 
undiscovered GEM in salt lake! we loved 
meeting chef adam, as well as the owner david…
and his cute mom who was in town helping 
hostess the restaurant! this place lives up to the 
name and everything is truly from scratch
they even have a flour mill in the back! from the 
pizza dough to the hamburger buns, they make 
things in-house and you can taste the difference. 
such high quality, incredible food. it is right on 
the inside loop of gallivan so it’s easy to miss, but a 
great location for all things downtown. also, the burger
no words! more on that below. warning: mouth watering!
^^ why does my mom have to be the cutest?
^^ such a great space…
i love the feel of it!
^^ the roasted beet salad…to.die.for. it has arugala, 
golden + purple beets, pecans, goat cheese, and 
the best vinaigrette dressing. and you know i 
live for pretty food presentation. lately i’m hooked 
on beet salads and this one was a winner.
^^ appetizers: we tried the charcuterie platter…
the bread is house made, and the meats and cheeses
are all local. my favorite part was the honeycomb.
^^ the pizzas are made & fire roasted right when you order
them, so they’re incredibly fresh and flavorful. our great 
waiter andrew recommended the fennel sausage pizza, and 
it was a home run. next time i want to try the white out!
^^ okay, the burger. i was expecting this place to be
all about the pizza (which was incredible), but this is 
the show stopper. and to back me up on that, it just 
won best of state for the burger. this place hasn’t even
been open a year and it won best of state! we obviously
had high expectations for it, and they were exceeded.
i like burgers, but only if they are great. this one is
incredible. i don’t even know if i can describe the
flavors, but lucky i don’t live in salt lake because i’d
come weekly for this. please promise to try it! 
^^ i love these two! i’m so lucky to have not 
only the cutest mom, but cutest aunt. we all
went running together in the canyon that morning
and then had a great meal at night! my kind of ladies.
^^ chef adam doing his thing.
^^ loved all of the waiters + chefs!
they know their food. our waiter described
each dish so in depth i felt like i had 
already tasted it before trying it. you
can definitely trust their recommendations.
^^ the flour mill right in the back!
^^ two pretty ladies i love! 
 when you’re in salt lake city be sure not 
to miss this place. we’ll be back!