baby shower tea

baby shower tea
i’m home!!!
i stepped off the plane in salt lake city —-> and went straight to
host a baby shower tea for my oldest friend/basically sister di.
since it was afternoon tea and her name is di, my mom & i
themed it british for “lady di and her little prince.” it was just our
close circle of girls from both families, and it was the perfect
welcome to my week-long visit home. i love all these ladies
and i am so excited for one of my best friends to be a mama.
no better place to celebrate than the grand america.
^^ my sister-in-law MADE THESE. too talented for words.
yes we are trying to convince her to start a shop!
yay for baby ferrin on the way,
yay for afternoon tea, yay for
a weeklong visit home!
one of the sweetest parts of the shower
was this little form i had everyone
fill out for baby boy. we all answered
them and then went around and said
our answers. it was tender and hilarious
and the sweetest to do with this intimate
group. we all cried i think! i hope di will
keep them all and that one day he can read
them from all these ladies who love him!
i wanted to share because we loved it!

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