5 tips for successful women

5 tips for successful women
people often ask me about my career and future,
especially in terms of the blog and my job. i love
doing the blog so much, and i love having a career
too. this blog is something i can always do,
and i’m lucky that i can also pursue my
career..and maybe even tie the two together
one day! i was thinking about this last night
when i got to attend an inspiring event
at the four seasons san francisco…the
teach for america bay area annual dinner.
my time in TFA as a corps member is almost done,
but i am so proud to be part of this organization and
all that it stands for. there are some of the most
impressive people who work for teach for america,
and so many incredible people who support it. last
night i got to be in a room with some of the most
influential people and leaders in the bay area, and it
was so inspiring to see their support for teach for
america as i spoke with people all night. we heard
from the amazing salman khan of khan academy,
as well as other panelists. top people from google,
twitter, facebook, linkedin, and so many other major
companies were there in support of teach for america.
the highlight of the night was getting to meet wendy kopp, the
founder of this organization. 24 years ago, she conceived
the idea of teach for america in her senior thesis at princeton.
it began with just 500 corps members…today, there are
over 11,000 corps members this year alone. i am lucky to be
part of this movement, and when my 2 years finish up
this june, i’ll continue to care about and take part in
these issues regardless of what i do next.
i’m so glad i decided to join TFA 2 years ago.
teach for america has stretched and pushed
me as a person more than any other
experience in my life, and i’m proud to be
part of it. in honor of this inspiring night..
(and in honor of meeting wendy, such a successful woman,)
i came up with 5 tips for successful
women…we live in a time where the world
is at our fingertips and opportunity is
everywhere. so, here are my…

5 tips for successful women

1. believe in yourselfThis is the most important one. if you want to have success, you have to be your own biggest fan. i am a confident person, but when taking on new goals —whether it’s applying for new jobs or finding partnerships for the blog— i can be hard on myself and doubt myself. it’s easy to focus on shortcomings and worry about failure. BUT, don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game! people around you can be as supportive and encouraging as they want, but it won’t matter unless YOU are pushing yourself and believing in yourself. with success always comes criticism and doubt, but if you truly believe in yourself and what you’re capable of, criticism will only make you want to be better– it won’t set you back. embrace your ambition! you can be humble and still believe in yourself. my husband has taught me the power of believing that you can make your dreams a reality…and you can!
2. network, network, network
networking is essential for so many reasons. expanding your circle, meeting new people, gaining different perspective, and forming relationships is what it’s all about. i am always more passionate and excited about things when i meet people who share my same enthusiasm. whether you network through social media, linkedin, at conferences, or by meeting people face to face, it goes a long way. i am outgoing and naturally friendly, but i’ve always had to push myself to network because it used to feel forced and nerve-racking to me when it involved career or jobs opportunities…especially when we moved out here to san francisco and i no longer had my network of people from home. now i see that it’s just about reaching out to people who share similar interests and passions, and being yourself. i have seen so much success come from networking whether it be here on the blog, getting connected in a new community, or furthering my career. use linkedin, remember people’s names, and keep in touch. you never know who might help you one day down the road, and you’ll be glad you made the connection.
3. find a mentor

I can’t express the importance of this one. moving out to the bay area and losing my entire network of professionals made me really appreciate the mentors i have had, and encouraged me to find new ones. having someone in your corner is essential, especially when they have had experience and can guide you. find someone you admire for their accomplishments, style, or success. it could be a boss, a teacher, another blogger, or even someone famous. whoever it is, use their success as a model. if you can find someone you know, talk to them and use them as a mentor! email them with questions, touch base, bounce ideas, and run things past them. they enjoy it as much as you do, and it’s so helpful to have an objective person helping you along your path.

4. speak up
Be polite, but don’t be afraid to speak up and share your opinion. give your ideas and don’t second guess yourself. you have good ideas and that’s why you are in the career you’re in! whether it’s writing honestly + freely on your blog, sharing a new idea during a job interview, or giving your opinion during a meeting — people want honesty and fresh ideas. so share yours! it will only help you. if it hurts you, you don’t want to be in that position anyway. be true to yourself and your thoughts. you are unique and you have things to offer that no one else does! being confident and standing by your decisions helps you stand out.

5. have an outlet
lastly, it’s so important to me to have balance in my life. i can’t just have one main focus all day every day, because i’ll burn out. even if you’re having lots of success in one area, you still need to balance it or you will drown in it. work can be very stressful on any step of the success ladder. as an example of how disastrous stress can be, there have been women driven to taking drugs like marijuana or cocaine to alleviate it. this doesn’t just destroy family life but can cut success short in an instant. workplaces can carry out a spontanious 5 panel test of street drugs at any time and just like THAT, that is a career that has been cut short. learning to manage stress can be difficult but that is where this point comes into play, find an outlet. for me, my outlets include: definitely this blog… it’s something i look forward to doing after long busy work days. exercise, TRAVEL, adventures with my husband, trying new restaurants, playing tennis, talking with family, spending time with friends, etc. these things take care of my soul. over the past two years of really stressful teaching and getting my masters, they have allowed me to clear my mind, take care of my body, and really take care of myself. they balance me out and make me happy and focused. never believe that success will only come by spending 24/7 on one project or job…you need balance and happiness to be your best & most successful self!

thanks for letting me ramble about this today…
this blog truly is one of my outlets, and this is where
my thoughts were today. so hope it helps others!
now share with me your dreams, ambitions, goals, & hopes!