sunday notes

sunday notes
dear thieves, you sure threw off my week + upset me. i don’t know why you shook me up so badly! i also don’t know why the one night i somehow left things in the car, you decided to break my car windows and hit the jackpot with my wallet in the glove box with $800 in cash from selling furniture for our move…as well as all of our gift cards from our wedding on, with hundreds to pottery barn / nordstrom / anthropologie / williams sonoma / the list goes on…it made me sick to my stomach and was not the nicest welcome to the new neighborhood! all i could think about is how i should have spent my gift cards, should have deposited the cash right away, should have gone back out when i realized my wallet was in the car, etc… i was so upset and sad from the whole thing but i know you came along to teach me some lessons. after lots of thinking, here’s what i’ve come up with: 
1) we’re not always in charge or in control.. 
2)  bad things happen, they are just part of life.
3) more good things happen than bad things, don’t take them for granted!
4) it’s JUST money (and store credit…) i am lucky i am safe!
5) things are replaceable..people are not. 
6) we are so blessed in so many ways, i need to be more grateful for those things all the time and place less of an emphasis on money. 
7) maybe someone needed our money / my  coat / boots / everything more than we do. i hope so. this can be a reminder to be more giving + generous in my day to day life.
8) my husband has the best attitude and takes care of me. don’t know what i’d do without him. he drove me to work that morning, let me cry, brought me lunch, and made me feel 10000000000000000000 times better.
9) staying positive in bad situations is a huge sign of character. 
10) as my mom always says, “it could be worse!!” it could be so much worse. i know we lost a lot of money but i know there are so many worse and harder things that happen to people and this is something that i can get over.
so, thieves…thanks for the lessons. enjoy shopping at anthro for me! ;)
dear husband, you are the best person in the world and i have never loved or appreciated you more than after this week.
dear spring, just yes.
dear visitors, keep coming!
dear san francisco, i still love you despite letting me down with the car break in this week. you have lots more pros than cons and we love our life here…now, no more break-ins! 

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    • ahh it’s always that one random night you leave something! i guess that shows it can happen anywhere, i was thinking it was because of living right downtown in a big city! now i know to NEVER leave ANYTHING! :)

  • Oh no!! I am so sorry – that has got to be one of the worst things that can happen – aside from health scares!! Just thankful that you guys are all ok…you are such a positive person and I’m sure this wont keep you down for too long!! it’s totally possible you might be able to catch them – happened to my friend and they tried to use her card at a convenience store that had a recorder so they were caught!

  • I am so sorry Emi! This is so sad! Colton and I just had our car broken into too. They stole everything. Your positive attitude is inspiring and I love your mom’s motto. You are amazing. It will be okay. Love you!

    • ahh in salt lake? who are these people!! i’m so sorry it happened to you too–but at least we’re both okay :) love you!

  • I’m so sad about this, it just makes me want to cry for you:( I hate that people just think they can take things from you. It’s always the best people that this happens to and it sounds like you are handling it with such grace and a positive attitude. I’m not sure I could have that amazing of a look at it so thanks for the example:)


  • oh thieves :( i’ve had that happen to – parked in little cottonwood canyon while repelling…purse with wallet and checkbook, bag of brand new clothes i’d just bought…..ugh so frustrating! i’m sorry dear. but way to put on a happy, positive face! props to you. it’s all about how we handle the hard times, right? here’s to a new week. xo.

    • in little cottonwood canyon? wow…proof that it happens everywhere! thanks for your cute comment, yes here’s to a new week! Xo

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