in-laws in town!

in-laws in town!
i’ve said it lots, i’ll say it again..
visitors are the best! we’ve had
a lot lately and we’re loving it. i promise
if you come to visit, we’ll take good care of you!
this time we were the ones taken care of when
my in-laws came to town. after chase’s parents arrived 
friday and toured google, we still had a fun weekend ahead!
^^ this is where we will take all of our visitors from 
now on.. best, most unique breakfast you’ll ever have.
one street away from us. you could say we plan to be
regulars here. farm : table has a fresh menu that 
changes weekly with what’s in season, so we won’t ever 
get tired of it! we had a great saturday breakfast here.
^^ after breakfast we took a {hilly} walk up and down our street
all the way down to the water to show them our neighborhood!
^^ we walked past grace cathedral on nob hill and
did the soothing labyrinth walk outside. 
then it was out to beautiful lands end to 
walk the path out along the ocean.
^^ cutest mother-son 
^^ their red matches the golden gate in the background!
^^ that view….i think this needs to become our
regular running path. i could go all day!
^^ all that walking made us hungry again for lunch…good thing we
worked up an appetite, because it was an incredible meal!
^^ it’s called the cliff house for a reason…literally the restaurant
is over the ocean cliffs! it’s a classic san francisco restaurant and
so so nice. it counted as my early birthday lunch and chase’s too! :)
^^ crab sandwich and salmon tied for first place.
this is the perfect spot to have fresh seafood!
but of course.. what’s a good lunch 
without an even better dessert?
^^ favorite treat in all of SF. i can’t go here and not take a picture
of those pretty sea salt sprinkles on top of the dark chocolate
in the hand rolled sugar cone. it’s art! :) also- the organic coconut
ice lollie wasn’t so bad either! we love twirl & dip and anyone
who ever visits—-we promise to take you here too!
^^ made a fun little stop across the bridge in sausalito and 
met the rock-balancer..look for him if you go! mind-blowing.
then we made our way back in search of a cheap pedicure in chinatown…….
this plan sure backfired! hahaha let’s just say it was a memory
a ripped-off memory in the basement of a chinatown “nail salon.”  
and a lesson… don’t go to chinatown for cheap pedicures because you’ll 
end up paying more for less! haha we just had to laugh about it after.
at least the massage felt good! and yes, the boys got them too haha.
after the pedicures we had a fun pasta dinner in little italy
and then went home and passed out from being tired!
^^ we started off their last day in town with a de-lish
breakfast at the famous dottie’s true blue cafe. we
braved the line but it was worth it for those raspberry
banana pancakes, HUGE blueberry cream cheese muffins,
peach blackberry french toast…i think you get the picture.
 ^^ cute breakfast-goers after church
our final sunday afternoon of the visit consisted of
chase’s cute mom helping us hang things in our new place
(how did i get so lucky with an interior designer as a
mother-in-law?) and then some union square shopping.
^^ i was so happy the flower show was going on
at macy’s! always one of my favorite things to see
their decorations throughout the store.
^^ union square wandering– had to take my interior designer 
mother-in-law to the famous britex fabrics! after walking
around the square we did our favorite dinner on top of macy’s
overlooking union square. always the best memory!
thank you to my cutest in-laws for a great weekend!
we ate very well and had lots of fun all over the city.