a day in dallas

a day in dallas
hello, lone star state! 
a few weeks ago we had the good fortune of getting stuck in dallas
for a day. this may have not seemed like “good fortune” to some,
but it turned out to be for us! basically we had two choices..
be mad that we were delayed and sit around the airport, 
or go see something new! if you’ve learned anything from 
reading this blog it should be that you should never miss 
the opportunity to see something new or beautiful.
 i can’t be “stuck” anywhere new and not explore it! 
we were at the dallas-fort worth airport which is pretty
far from downtown dallas, but i have always always always
wanted to see the JFK museum and assassination site
but had never made it despite lots of flights through dallas.
we planned it out to be able to make it into town with
enough time to see what we wanted, then back in
time for our flight! we are so glad we did.
^^ you know you’re in texas now!
we didn’t want to pay $70 for a cab into dallas, so we got clever…
we used uber, which gives you credits the first time you use it–
so we each used it and sent each other the credit so it was so cheap!
if you want to use uber, sign up here with the code “1N1N6” for a free $20 credit
on your first ride! ride are usually pretty cheap so you can’t go wrong with that!
we ubered to the DART station and then took that into town.
it took a little bit longer but we were glad we got a sense of the
public transportation and saved money to go toward our museum tickets!
^^ the only uber rides available were the
“black cars” … haha so we got picked up 
in a huge black tinted escalade and had him
drive us 4 miles to the DART… haha dallas in style!
we walked through historic downtown
and the west end neighborhood to get
to dealey plaza and the 6th floor museum.
^^ standing in front of the texas school book depository,
the building where lee harvey oswald perched on the
6th floor and shot JFK. unbelievable to be there.
^^ this museum is so well done. well worth the money.
just make sure you can spend at least 2 hours there.
trust me, you’ll want to. it’s so fascinating with the entire
history of kennedy’s presidency leading up to the assassination,
insane details about the assassination, and all of the conspiracy
theories that came after. our minds were reeling as we left! we both
love history and i especially have always been fascinated with kennedy
(and read lots of books on him) so this was incredibly well done.
^^ an amazing man who lost his life too soon.
i love the inspiration and unity he brought to our
country even so long after his death. i love JFK!
^^ these two. america’s sweethearts. i loved all
the detail about them in the museum. i can’t imagine jackie’s 
experience sitting next to him when he was shot.
^^ standing on the grassy knoll on dealey plaza,
a hill where many conspiracy theorists thought other
shots came from. the motorcade went right past here
and today there are still so many people sitting here
taking in the plaza and the site of it all.
^^ standing in the street next to the X which
marks the spot JFK was fatally shot.
^^ X marks the spot. sobering place to stand!
^^ the famous dealey plaza where people were 
gathered to watch the president pass. the texas school
book depository is the building in the background, and the 
right window on the 6th floor is where oswald shot from.
in the museum you can actually see and stand right where he was.
^^ the street where he was shot.
thanks for having us, dallas.
 i loved visiting such an important place
in history and getting a feel for the texan charm.
xo, y’all!