la boulange baker’s dinner

la boulange baker’s dinner

what is the best way to kick off valentines week?
a) going out on a rainy night in the city…
b) on a double date with best friends…
c) to a french-themed “baker’s dinner” at the best bakery in san francisco
d) all of the above

did i ever mention valentines day is my favorite holiday?
did i ever mention i love when it rains in san francisco?
have i mentioned i am a french girl at heart?
have i mentioned how much we love our best friends?

…it was raining, this is valentines week, we ate at the best french place in the city, 
and our best friends came. i think you get the point…this was a good night.
the la boulange baker’s dinner is such a san francisco
treasure! i studied abroad in france, and this night
took me right back there. this is an old french tradition 
that owner pascal rigo has brought back to the 
original la boulange on pine street. this dinner 
is served on weekend nights after the bakery
has closed, and it’s first come, first served
as there are only a few lucky spots in the
back kitchen each night. you sit at big long 
tables all together, which is always my favorite
thing because you get to meet new people and
enjoy a meal together! the food is so incredible,
yet the feel is laid back with french country
charm. it is a unique dining experience
that we were big fans of! the best part is
sitting next to the big oven and watching the
food get prepared right next to personal!
we were spoiled with a fresh salad with a hint of pesto,
delicious roasted chicken with butternut squash
and roasted onion, the signature pan d’epi crusty
loaf bread, and the best dessert in the world–
flourless chocolate cake with pot de crème..
mmmmmmmmmmmm! mouth watering.
the best part is that the menu is always different,
and the side dishes are selected based on
what is fresh at the farmer’s market
that week. i was in love with this event
because we already LOVE la boulange,
{see proof here and here} but we were
able to really feel the personal, authentic
french side that makes it so good. as
la boulange has grown and expanded,
{and even partnered with starbucks..}
it has never lost the charm of a classic
french bakery and that is why we love it!
^^ speechless. it had a hazelnut glaze,
so basically a fancy hint of nutella.
no words can do this justice!
you can visit la boulange at any of their
locations throughout the city, and you can
attend baker’s dinner friday, saturday, or
sunday nights at 6:00 PM at 2325 Pine St.
any night out is a good one with these two ^^
thank you to the amazing staff!
everyone here is so nice and we loved
talking to them during our visit. they
made us want to come back every weekend!
they sent us home with a fresh baguette and full bellies.
we already thought we were fans of la boulange, but now
we are truly hooked. thanks to aurelie, cara, and
everyone for such a great night at the baker’s dinner!

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