hola from madrid!

hola from madrid!
hola from españa! 
you might have noticed it’s been a 
little quiet here on the blog, because
we’ve been soaking up our europe
trip and having the best time. i can’t
wait to share highlights from all 4 cities!
i had time on our last flight to organize 
a few madrid pictures, so here they are!
many more to come. happy sunday! 
madrid is beautiful, classy, and traditional.
the people are well-dressed, so polite, and 
the feel is very classic. the buildings are 
gorgeous and the wide streets reminded me 
of paris, but with a spanish flair. we loved
exploring this capital city of spain! 
i can’t believe how different madrid is from other
parts of spain. the style of spanish here is so
beautiful, especially the accents…watching
chase speak with the locals killed me!
parque del retiro, madrid’s {gorgeous} main park. 
we strolled & explored the pond, the paths, and 
the crystal palace here ….. all were amazing!
^^ crystal palace
^^ the prado museum is a must visit if you have time!
^^ the royal palace {palacio real de madrid} is
truly breathtaking. i’m a sucker for gorgeous, white,
royal palaces…because who isn’t? i’ll move in today!
^^ our incredible hotel. highlight of madrid!
we didn’t get to stay here as long as we had
planned due to some flight delays leaving the US, 
but we soaked up all the charm, luxury, and 
views of hotel atlantico right on gran via.
^^ views from the roof of our hotel.
thank you to eva for the tour and for 
letting us come and feature hotel atlantico!
we rented a scooter from moto & go and 
it helped us see so much more + feel local!
it is right next to the prado and parque del retiro,
so it was a great spot to begin from.
^^ plaza mayor is just down from the mercado de
san miguel, and it’s amazing..very worth a stop
to walk around and continue down to puerto del sol
which is the very heart of madrid — so many people!
madrid, you were amazing.
one more post from madrid on the way, 
and we have a full-on guide coming soon!