the town of tiburon

the town of tiburon
it doesn’t feel like january here!! not complaining 
though–and we’re using this good weather to keep
up our bay area explorations. this week we headed up
 to the town of tiburon…aka the best place on earth.
don’t be surprised if husband and i move here one of 
these days…actually, be very surprised if that happens
because it will mean we’ve won the lottery!! haha.
it is such a golden, hidden gem. the ideal place to live.
 docks beneath houses perched on the hill..
can it get any better? WHO lives here?
i could stare at that view all day
{the boy and the city}
one of my favorite things i’ve done in 
the bay is ride bikes from SF across the
golden gate bridge to sausalito..then out
to tiburon, then take the ferry back to the
city! chase and i need to do this ASAP.
that pretty city casually on the other
side of the die for!
the cute town is my is like
sausalito, but even less well known.
so fun to stroll the shops//restaurants.
 we love you tiburon, see you again soon!