thai cooking class!

thai cooking class!
this is one of the best nights we’ve had in san francisco.
everybody who lives in or visits the city needs to do this.
do you hear me? you need to sign up for this thai cooking class
taught by sunshine! she is not only the best thai cook but
now our good friend too. the class is right in san francisco in her
home, which is no normal home. sunshine and her husband
bought an old church in san francisco a decade ago and turned
it into their home. so basically they live in the coolest place
and have turned it into something amazing. chase could NOT
get over it! we walked all through the house, into the bell tower
loft, and up on the rooftop deck to take in the incredible views.
the house alone made this night worth it, but the cooking
class and food that came next…wow. no words!
^^ the three thai recipes we made during our class:
tom yum shrimp soup, cashew nut chicken, and
of course mango sticky rice {the best dessert!}
sunshine is the cutest and does such a good
job making the table and setting so nice so that
we could enjoy our meal after all the hard work!
cooking looks good on him ^^
after all the prep. the tom yum soup was definitely
our favorite — so flavorful and amazing! YUM.
our great class! we made good friends with all of
these people and had such a fun time cooking + talking.
^^ cashew chicken — we learned how to stir fry
it all together with the vegetables and sauce!
after dinner, we took a break before making
our mango sticky rice dessert.
this basket steamed the rice perfectly.
i’ve never seen this– i need to get one!
while we waited for the rice to set up, we checked
out their rooftop walkway and view…dreamy.
yum. the best dessert!
sunshine taught us so much..ranging from how
to cut certain vegetables, how to combine tastes,
and just how to make the best & freshest thai food.
we loved meeting all the great people in our class
and left with full stomachs! it was such a fun night
and we recommend this experience to one and all!
make sure to check out the thai cooking with sunshine
blog by clicking here. it is a perfect date night,
birthday present, anniversary gift, etc. you can set
up private lessons or just join a group class.
either way, do it.
you won’t regret it!