on a bicycle built for two

on a bicycle built for two
over the long weekend we had our friends in town,
and we spent all of saturday showing them the city
the best way possible– on bikes. we rented tandems
through the bike hut because we heard about their
amazing cause and wanted to highlight them! 
they are not just a bike shop, they are a resource for
local cyclists and a skills training program for kids
from low income communities…which is right up
our alley with our teach for america ties. it is so 
great, they are funded to have these kids come
and work at the bike shop to gain job experience
and learn skills. anyone can come here and learn
how to repair their own bike along with renting.
as if that isn’t enough, the bike hut has also 
started working with refugees in the bay 
area by giving them free bikes so they have
transportation provided. what an amazing place!
^^ surveying all of his options
we got all set for our bikes,
and headed out for the day!
{only $6 per hour, such a great rate}
such a perfect day to be out and about!
we rented right on the edge of the embarcadero
by the bay bridge, so we followed the embarcadero
down all the way with lots of fun stops.
after the wharf we cute up to take them to 
eat lunch at chestnut street, our favorite.
blue barn gourmet is always my choice there!
^^ are you kidding me?
favorite lunch..meg and i ordered well.
a quick stop by the palace of fine arts…
then onto the bridge!
no matter how many times we come here,
it truly never gets old. the bridge it my favorite.
what a view! riding behind my honey
on a bicycle built for two. 
 just dancin’ in the streets at the wharf
from bridge to bridge…biking under
the bay bridge on our way back.
thanks to michael from the bike hut!
we loved our day on the tandem.
^^ here are a few of the current interns amy + thomas
getting job experience through this great program.