my parents are moving to….

my parents are moving to….
BIG news!
a few weeks ago i hinted here that some 
changes were coming in my family…well, 
my parents are moving to
johannesburg, south africa.
they have been called by our church to be
mission presidents there, and they will be
leaving on july 1st for 3 years. it is a major change,
but such an honor for them and i am so proud that
they are willing to leave their jobs, salaries, home, 
life, grandkids, and go do such an amazing thing. 
they will be incredible. it is definitely bittersweet
for our family + friends, but we know that it’s
what they are supposed to be doing and luckily..
it will be an incredible place to travel to and visit
over the next 3 years! {bonus– there is a google
office there too!} it’s also not as hard since we
already live away, but now they will just be
a lot further…but we are so proud and happy
for them! love you guys so much, here’s
to lots of visits and fun before july…
and then some fun visits to SA! 
^^ fitting quote, especially since 
when you see who it’s by.
these two have always lived life to the 
fullest and that is continuing now!
they were asked months ago, and kept this a secret until
after christmas when my whole family went to deer valley
for a ski trip. the first night, my parents said they had 
one more gift for all of us, and they gave us a 2014 calendar 
made with pictures of our family throughout it. as we looked 
through it, we got to july and on the 1st it said 
“president and sister dunn leave on a mission!” ..and the picture 
was their church news official photo. chase and i saw it first, and 
about died! we waited for my siblings to find it, and it was so exciting. 
they said they would know the place in february, and had us all guess
where we thought they would go. after we were done with the guessing 
game, i said i wish we could just know now! my dad smiled and said..
you do? well, our call came early and we have it!! we couldn’t believe it
and immediately asked WHERE?!?!? and they said they hadn’t even 
opened it themselves yet!!!! they had been waiting 2 weeks to 
open it with all of us. the surprises kept coming!! so, they opened 
their call and read that they are going to johannesburg, south africa
it is all so crazy but so exciting.  
we made a little video of them opening their call with all of us…
congrats to my cute parents!

can’t wait to visit this place…
^^ and hopefully see some of these :) 
my parents have a a true adventure ahead and
the missionaries who are called to johannesburg will
be so lucky to have them. they will be in charge of
an entire group of young missionaries, and
 everyone i know who has served missions are still so 
close to their mission presidents, because they always 
have a huge impact on their life. they will be amazing.
to see more about our church, click here.
^^these kiddos will miss their
ya-ya and papa bear!
…and so will all of us. 


love you, mom & dad!
here’s to lots of visits to south africa in the next 3 years!