mount tamalpais

mount tamalpais
say hello to our favorite hike of 2014 so far!
we’ve done muir woods a few times
{loved the dipsea trail…}
but we’ve been wanting to do mount tam
for so long. we hiked it on MLK day with our
friends in town. it was perfect + glorious!
the views, the weather, the hike,
loved it all. best day.
^^ love that boy. love that scene.
the fact that it’s a 10 minute drive from
here —-> to here is why we love the bay forever.
^^loved this pic of tay & meg, had to snap it!
after our gorgeous hike we
made a stop at vista point for some
golden gate bridge pictures just as
the fog rolled in, then headed back
into the city for a much needed lunch!
la boulange always hits the spot.
we loved mount tam! thanks meg for
taking 20 pictures at once and capturing
this moment…hehe.
* if you want to do this exact hike, it is “east peak”
and you can find exact driving directions online. 
make sure to follow them! you can drive up close to 
the summit and then walk, or follow other trails 
to make it a longer hike like we did. enjoy!