lands end + sutro baths

lands end + sutro baths
we’ve had this outing on our bay are bucket list forever, 
so we finally went to walk on the land’s end trails out to 
see the sutro baths..and picked a pretty nice day to do it! 
sunny and 75° in january.. we’ll take it. we also went 
through the cliff house but we’ll have to return to 
have dinner there & cross that off our list next.
^^ those trees..i mean!
easy little walks on all of the coastal trails ^^
you finally make it to the sutro baths, the original
structure of the famous old bath-house that used
to be over the ocean out here. i wish it still
existed, but at least the ruins are cool to see!
all the amazing sites included in
the state parks of the bay area.
we live in a pretty incredible place.
quite a scene to be painting ^^
just exploring a cave over the ocean..
lands end, you did not disappoint.
thanks for the lovely outing!

ps we are guest posting over here today!