2014 resolutions

2014 resolutions

i won’t lie. i have not been that into making resolutions this year.
it might have to do with the fact that we were visiting home and then
headed straight to sonoma // napa over the new year, so i felt more like 
sleeping in, eating cheese, hot tubbing & spa-ing than sitting down and 
putting some thought into the person i want to be this year. luckily it’s 
still january, and although i am doing these late, maybe i’ve put 
a little more thought into them this time because of it.

2014 new year’s resolutions

// enjoy the moment. i love documenting our life more than i can say, and i’m always happy that i did later, but i want to make sure i don’t miss out on the present moment because of it. so i will just try to document at the right time, and then enjoy and be present.

// don’t worry about what others think, instead care about how they feel. as long as i’m nice + honest and make sure my nearest + dearest know i love them, i’m good and don’t need to worry if people don’t know or understand me.

// look up…from my phone. plan time away from it, especially before bed. put my phone in my room and just cuddle up with husband when we get home from long days and be with each other.

// have more people over for dinner & dessert and games. be welcoming and warm. we seem to have our very best friends over and not branch out — so i want to invite some people over who need dinner or who we don’t know as well.

// be generous and give someone a gift they really need this year. {inspired by the most amazing gift given to our baby nephew zachary this christmas}

// stay in touch with friends + family through frequent facetime and sending 5 updates per month in emails to my besties.

// eat a balanced diet of 80% healthy-ish and 20% treating myself. don’t stress over it.

// always give compliments when i have them, and also try to take compliments graciously.

// go to 2 work out classes per week, and sweat at least 5 days per week…but choose sleep over exercise when i need it.

// do a juice cleanse this year.

// listen to 1 conference talk per week + apply it to my life.

// be positive. add 2 pros to every con i think or say…aka 2 positive thoughts must compliment every negative one.

// read 10 new books at least.

// improve my french and learn some spanish {with your help, husband}

// temple every month  

// visit at least one new country, one new city, one new state

// give great, meaningful birthday gifts. think ahead of time and don’t wait until the day before

// work hard to get the best job possible for after TFA.

// finish my master’s degree strong with a 4.0 this semester

// be genuine. be happy for others. don’t copy & paste. write and speak from the heart.

// remember people’s names. 

// continue to explore near & far

// never miss a chance of seeing anything that is beautiful.

here’s to 2014..it’s already been beautiful so far!