last month, this little wonder joined our family {as our nephew}. 
after almost not making it, we found out he was a fighter but that 
he had a rare syndrome that is 1 in 50,000. it is a syndrome 
affecting his face, but not his mind or body.
it was shocking to hear about this little nephew of ours and 
the complications and challenges that are ahead for him. 
it was also hard to be living away for this, because we just 
wanted to be there…but as days went by, we all realized what 
a major blessing baby zachary already is in our lives. 
he has already given us new perspective, drawn us all closer 
as a family, reminded us to have compassion and love for all, 
and so much more. there have been so many serendipitous things 
that have happened to all of us and blessed us during this time.
we finally got to meet him, and though we already loved him 
from afar, my heart grew 10 times in size the first time i held him. 
there is something different about him- like he knows what is going on.
he will look right into your eyes and never cries..he’s just peaceful.
he really is such a wonder and i am the luckiest to be his auntie em. 
he will be an amazing person and he will teach us so much throughout 
his life. thank you to sweet friends for being so supportive and loving. 
it always makes me so grateful for close friends when there 
are tough times that you really need them!
we know zachary will be an amazing person and example 
just like this boy with his same syndrome is.
dear baby zachary,
you are perfect. thank you for coming to earth and being a fighter 
so that we get to have you in our family. thank you for already 
teaching us about love, compassion, and what’s important. 
thank you for bringing all of us even closer as a family. 
you’re already showing that you’re wise beyond your years. 
you’re already darling. we already love you so much.
you have changed us all in your short time on earth so far, 
and you’ll continue to make us better people just by knowing you!
we love you, baby z!

remember, it’s hard to blend in when you were born to stand out.

he’s so lucky to have the cutest big sis maddie!
our present to baby z..
we hope he is a future 
googler like his uncle!
uncle chase and auntie em