travel show promo!

travel show promo!
today we have a little teaser promo for our travel show 
we filmed back in september in cannon beach, oregon.
we are so excited // nervous for this to come out, {and see
what fools we made of ourselves..} but i seriously dream
of that trip constantly! it was the best experience to film a 
show, invite some of our closest friends, and do so many
cool things. we will be sure to share it when the actual show 
premieres, but for now — enjoy this teaser with a few clips!
{and don’t mind me, we filmed this at the very end of a long
week of early morning filming and lots of adventure, so i 
am a little bit tired and raspy..but still love the clips!}
thanks to PBS and pineridge for sending this along!
we can’t wait to see the premiere of
“getting away together”