pre & post christmas

pre & post christmas
coming into town for christmas is the best thing,
but it sure is busy!! having both of our families + 
friends here, we’ve had lots of parties, gatherings 
and festivities before & after christmas. we came 
home to a white christmas, then went to chase’s 
family neighborhood party, had my high school
friends brunch, and my extended family party 
thrown by my grandma…and that was just the 
first day of being in town! whenever we are
here we stay up late, wake up early,
and soak up every second we can 
with our favorite people. here is some 
of the fun we’ve had while in SLC.

see all of our fun over the holidays here:
our snowy welcome homechristmas eve with my
family, christmas day with chase’s family, and
our little ski vacay to deer valley.

4 words: my mom’s sweet rolls.

welcome home!

^^ my mom planned a fun day of pedicures and
afternoon tea at the grand for all the girls
before christmas. it was perfect!
afternoon tea..favorite.

^^ my cutest niece maddie mae at her
first pedicure with all the girls!

^^ welcome to grandma ginny’s grand family party!
poulson girls– love these cute cousins and aunts. ^^
^^ some of the guys

i love our annual brunch with high school
friends..skyline girls are the best!

the sign of a party!

over the break i also made my first french
macarons for christmas eve which turned out
delicious but took forever! labor of love.
home is always defined by
lots of hikes up neff’s canyon..
plus sledding down!
we are pretty lucky that these two will
be grandparents to our kids someday.
we also made it on a hike above chase’s
parents house…pretty view of the city!
can’t forget the rope swing at the top of neff’s!
thanks salt lake city for always feeling like home.
we’ll be sad when the break is over!
not pictured:
lunch and breakfast dates with friends,
game night our closest couple pals,
movies, dinners, and lots of good times.

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