christmas day 2013

christmas day 2013
christmas morning we woke up at my parent’s
house for some of my dad’s famous smoothies
and some presents before heading over
to chase’s family breakfast.
we did stockings first thing in the morning,
my very favorite part. i love finding little
stocking stuffers to surprise him with!
^^ stockings in his stocking! clever, right?
chase got me the world’s CUTEST cake plate..
to add to my collection. i’m obsessed with it
and he knows i want a collection one day so
it’s perfect! gold polka dots- can’t beat that!
my mom gave me this cute book to
add to our christmas collection that
is slowly growing. to go along with
it, she also gave me these 12 days of
christmas plates from williams-sonoma.
the main thing i ever ask for when christmas rolls
around is a trip or adventure delivered
with this perfect getaway to kick off the new year!
we also gave each other another big trip
this year, but more on that one later… :)
i thought this book on google was a good
one for chase, he’s already halfway through it!
we headed over to chase’s family breakfast.
notice the same 12 days of christmas plates!!
the google gifts continued…
and of course i had to get some polo for this guy
cute passport cover from my mother-in-law.
couldn’t be a more perfect gift!
and my last gift to chase, a new herschel
backpack. they are so nice and chase’s
bag was falling apart…so he can take this
to work and it’s great with a laptop sleeve
and lots of room for everything else.
chase had lots of google gifts for me–
the chromecast is the BEST! the nexus is fun too.
obsessed with this ^^^^^
laura finds the greatest gifts!
cutest cookie cutters– one for utah,
and a sailboat for san francisco.
our two homes! thanks laur.
another passport cover from kendall,
because you can NEVER have too many!
^^cutest google ornament!
last but not least…i have to put this here so
i remember how selfless and darling my cute
husband is. he bought me this new google
phone earlier in december for me to try, and
although i loved it {and the cute mint color}
chase could tell it was too hard for me to switch
from the iphone…haha so after getting me the
new google phone, he ended up surprising
me on christmas with the new GOLD iphone.
way way way too nice, but just an example of
what a loving and generous guy i married.
two phones in one christmas! feels good
to be back to the iphone :)
all these gifts only serve as representations of
the LOVE we all feel for each other, and that’s
the best part. i love the thought and kindness
that goes into gifts, and that’s why i always
want to remember them. we saw some
miracles this year and some amazing acts of
generosity toward my family for sweet
baby zachary that will make this
christmas one we always remember.
 what an amazing christmas.
we are so happy we were able
to spend it with those we love most.
merry christmas to all!