a juicy date

a juicy date
for one of our 12 dates of christmas, we decided to 
go healthy after all those sugar cookies and check out
san francisco is so lucky to have this place, because 
i’m convinced it is the best tasting juice in all the land. 
plus it has the greatest owners, cutest name…and design…
oh, and presentation. glass bottles? yes please. i’m a fan.
happy moose juice is inside range, a great restaurant 
in the city. you can go in and pick up your juice
anytime from 9:00 am- 3:00 pm, or order it
to be delivered in SF. they also cater!
it’s a gorgeous space right in the mission on valencia. 
lucky us, we got to taste every single flavor.
they were incredible and all so different.
pacific sunrise was my favorite, along with
vanilla moose- i could have that one for dessert!
strawberry fields was another favorite.
what am i saying, we loved them all!
ryan is one of the co-founders along with phoebe, 
who is a nutritionist. that’s why the juices are so amazing!
ryan was so great, and we loved hanging out with him
and talking during the tasting. we learned a lot about
the process and it made me love this place even more!
the juice is organic, raw, and cold-pressed to perfection.
happy moose is currently working on a cleansing kit,
but their overall focus isn’t on intense 3 day cleanses..
{which i could never have the discipline to do}. 
instead, they make it feel more like having juice as 
an amazing supplement on top of a healthy diet. ryan told 
us he has never been sick since starting to drink these 
juices, and i believe it. they do the body good!
chatting about business and health. :)
we learned that the cofounders ryan and phoebe
have put so much love and time into this company 
and the juices. they make the juice themselves,
and they have perfected it. it is quite a process and
by the time it gets to you, a lot of time has been put in.
^^ christmas colors!
 we left feeling so good. take it from us,
that juice is the perfect way to start your day!
their flavors were all different and unique
and seriously so delicious. i’ve had other juices
that i knew were good for me, but i didn’t enjoy
drinking them. these are a different story.
we highly recommend happy moose, and
we will be back often! 
be sure to check them out here.