a field trip to google

a field trip to google
last friday i planned a field trip with my teach for america
students to see google! chase helped plan it on the google side,
 and i coordinated the bus and plans with my school. i am so glad 
it came together, and it was so fun to take them to see 
chase’s amazing office. chase’s coworkers met us there 
and we broke into all different small groups so we 
could really take them around. this field trip was their 
reward after a semester of hard work and from a 
unit on jobs we’ve been doing. they were so amazed 
by google and all of the fun things there! it was great 
to take them because they had so much fun while 
actually learning and being inspired. they had endless 
ice cream, free food, ping pong, arcade playing, and 
bike riding, but also got to try on google glass, hear 
from googlers who work there, see the self-driving car, 
explore the giant google earth, and more. i hope it is 
impactful for them and that they keep it in mind 
when they are working to get good grades 
that they will pay off one day!
chase came onto the school bus when we arrived
and introduced himself and gave an overview of 
google… of course they all loved him and 
probably wish he was their teacher! 
^^ haha, chase the celebrity
then, the exploring began.
nothing like a giant cupcake to
get middle schoolers excited!
google really is one giant playground for adults..
with amazing things happening inside the offices.
g-bike time.
they couldn’t believe all the food was just free!
they got to try on google glass with
one of the developers of it…
they were in awe!
these haven’t been released for sale yet,
so my students were pretty excited to try them out.
google earth exhibit..we went all over the world!
this was probably their favorite part- the 6 person
bikes chase took them around on.
^^gotta get that selfie with google glass! 
a break for ping pong ^^
and one of many cute notes they wrote on the 
bus ride home. it was the best thing to
combine both of our jobs for one day
and take my cute little students to see
google where chase works. we had a
great time and my students haven’t
stopped talking about it! they all
want to work there and i hope they do
one day. and, now they think i’m
cool ;). here’s hoping it helps
them behave this last week
before winter break!