gelato on a stick: popbar

gelato on a stick: popbar
gelato on a stick. dipped and rolled in toppings.
have you ever heard of anything so brilliant?
lucky for us, we got to meet one of the minds behind popbar while in nyc
since the co-founder reuben came to the store to meet us as we did this feature!
^^have you ever seen anything more beautiful?
popbar is located right in the west village {and next to the famous joe’s pizza,
which makes it ideal to grab a slice and then head over for the best part: dessert!}
pictured above are: coconut gelato dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in natural
coconut topping, and hazelnut gelato dipped in chocolate and rolled in 
crushed almonds. the flavors have been perfected and they are so delicious.
they are also light and don’t leave you feeling guilty, even better!
they are all-natural, gluten free, and have no artificial flavors or preservatives.
so many flavors to choose from, and they are all 
made there in the store. the flavors rotate and we loved
every single one we tried {which was quite a few!}
it’s always so fun to get to know the owners // founders of great
places like these. reuben was no exception. we loved talking to him!
it’s mouth-watering to watch them dip the bars right in front of you,
as well as roll them in the toppings. such a unique process!
^^ both of us were just in heaven eating the best treats
along with the popbars, they recently introduced the cutest idea:
hot chocolate on a stick. i’m in love with this! it’s a bar of chocolate on a stick,
you put it in a cup and pour steaming milk in, then stir the chocolate bar
around and let it melt until you have the best hot chocolate on earth. yum!
you can choose dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate.
^^^ two more ideas i loved ^^^ 
1. if you buy 6 or more, you get a free reusable popbar thermal bag to take them in.
2. if you have kids or want to share, you can get the popbars in bite size form: popbites!
west coast, never fear:
popbar will be opening in the anaheim packing house soon..
we might have to take a trip down the coast to get our favorite treat!
stop by popbar for a memorable, delicious treat.
we went back twice during our stay in new york.
it’s a must visit! the founders are amazing and
they put so much thought and care into every flavor + idea.
go go go, and tell them we sent you!
ps-here is a short little video we made of popbar. we had so much fun, thanks again!