twirl & dip.

twirl & dip.

the first time i heard the name of this san francisco ice cream truck, i knew i loved it already. then i tried their soft serve dipped in hand made dark chocolate with a sprinkle of sea salt, and it sealed the deal. we’ve loved this darling food truck in golden gate park for a while, so it was a dream to get to feature it this weekend! now we love it even more, if possible. the co-founder meg met us there and let’s just say…we found a new bff. seriously, we asked her so many questions, and she spoiled us with some of their best treats. we left very happy and on a sugar high! here’s a little one-minute video we made to introduce you to it:
before we get into the details of the best ice cream we’ve ever had, let me just say that i love businesses like this so much. meg & her co-founder siri were working in the restaurant business together when they decided it was time to open up an ice cream truck. because, why not? i admire people like this so much for taking a leap of faith and following a dream…especially because it resulted in my favorite ice cream in the world :)

these two know what makes a good treat, and their cart is so fun to stop by. one unique thing is that instead of having to track down this food truck, they have a spot in golden gate park and they are always there on weekends …so you know just where to find them. during the week they are usually there, just check their schedule on their website or twitter page. they also do events at night {including weddings, parties, and even a woody allen movie set recently…cate blanchett is a twirl & dip fan too} but during the weekend you can always find them in the park. we love having the excuse to go for a run or stroll in the park, and then stop by for some treats. lots of other san francisco residents have the same idea– one lady told us that she rides 3 extra loops around the park each thursday before going to get her reward at twirl & dip. i like that thinking!

 ^^ h a n d m a d e toppings + sauces. meaning, they made this toffee in their kitchen.
it was hard for me to not pour this entire container right into my mouth. ^^

twirl & dip keeps their menu simple, which leaves room for experimentation and seasonal flair. you can always get their basic treats, but every time you visit there is some fun new little tweak {like the strawberry ice lolly having basil added to it in the summer, or pumpkin ice cream inventions appearing the week of halloween..} i always love seeing what they’ve come up with when we visit.

one favorite was the strawberry ice lollie. i am usually not a fan of fruit popsicles 
because they can taste syrupy…not the case at twirl and dip. the strawberry 
ice lollie tasted like straight fresh strawberries…because that’s what it is 
made from. plus, look how cute it is… and ice lollies? can’t handle that name. 
sorry popsicle, you lose this one.
my very favorite item is their signature organic soft serve chocolate vanilla swirl 
in a hand-rolled sugar cone, dipped in handmade dark chocolate with a sprinkle 
of sea salt. is your mouth watering yet? mine is…and so was chase’s. {hehe- it’s hard 
not to get a little bit of that chocolate on your mouth while eating, but it’s worth it}
toffee sundae ——– no words can do it justice.
we love meg!
even pups love twirl and dip–always a good sign!
thanks for the fun day, twirl & dip! we love you!
follow them on twitter here: @twirlanddip


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