parents come to san francisco

parents come to san francisco
we packed so much into my parents’ visit that i’ve had to do a few posts about it!
and then hiked muir woods all day one day! we did so much more–the giants game,
late night city strolls, favorite spots, and my parents even spoiled us with the nicest
hotel room in our own city…at the top of the marriott in times square. 
needless to say, we love when they come to town! 
this was the best sight ever, seeing them in san francisco finally!
{this is the find my friends app, my favorite one to track loved ones!}
crossing the bridge..never gets old.
i made some sugar crusted vanilla french toast for our visitors, + green smoothies 
in our apartment before they surprised us with the hotel!
our hotel room–not a bad view.
giants game– so fun! the lady taking this told us all to put our hands in the air, so there you have it!
our best friends out here in the bay came to join us at the game and we chatted forever.
so glad they are our family out here since we live away from real family!
my dad is the #1 giants fan..he wears this jersey everywhere, not just to games..
needless to say he was a happy camper with his crab sandwich on sourdough and he
even got a picture with the world series trophies from last year and a few years before. dream come true!
tacolicious before the giants game..yum!
strolling under the bay bridge lights after the giants won!
we had to take them to try the famous bi-rite creamery.
we somehow timed it perfectly that there was no line!
this place has a line wrapped around city blocks, so it was a miracle.
linda on linda street! // chase + parents at one of our favorite taquerias
we took them to see the painted ladies at night, which i had never done!
they are pretty in the light, but i loved this lit up night time view.
these two were troopers. we took them all over the city, and they made everything fun!
thanks for the hotel room, all the fun meals, and the visit! one more post to come
from our last day driving down the coast and showing them some more favorite spots.