shanghai {part one}

shanghai {part one}
we ended our china trip with four days in shanghai.
i had no idea how HUGE shanghai is. there are over 23 million people
living there!
we were blown away. it is one of the biggest
cities in the world, next to tokyo.
what a crazy place to be!
it was more westernized than beijing, and much more of a
business center for china.
we had so much fun and mostly hurt
our necks from staring up up up at the tallest skyscrapers!
here is
our time at the shanghai museum, the old stone houses
shopping district, nanjing road,
the huang pu river, pudong district,
the bund, and more. one more post coming your way
of our last night
in shanghai, and then the china trip is officially recapped. phew! 
^^ the old stone houses shopping district ^^
^^ i spy chase! ^^
^^ the freeways had so many different levels to fit all of the cars and people! crazy. ^^
^^ a boba drink..finally! these are our favorite in SF chinatown ^^
^^ fitting in perfectly ^^
^^ this guy LOVES a good skyscraper ^^
^^ chase snapped this candid waiting in line for the shanghai museum..
i must have been happy to be there! ^^
^^ this museum had so many unique things. i was obsessed with the calligraphy room… ^^
{probably because we had just learned so much about it in our calligraphy lesson!}
^^ most common sight in china… bare baby bums! ^^
^^ crazy nanjing road..loved it ^^
^^ so happy to stay at our favorite chain, marriott renaissance! i think the R is for rigby.. :) ^^
^^ i think this is the 50th pair of fake sunglasses he tried on ^^
one more shanghai post coming your way!
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