i love him because…

i love him because…
for our one year anniversary, he had me design a wedding band with oc tanner.
even after losing my ring and finding it, he still wanted to spoil me by adding to it.
because my ring has hidden diamonds on the side, we had to build a custom ring with
a space to fit up exactly next to the ring band. i love how it turned out!
{the band is on the bottom}
If you’re currently in the process of selecting your wedding band, take a look at the selection of wedding bands over on the Cut Fine Jewelers website.
we ordered it a few months ago when we were visiting salt lake city, since we LOVE
OC tanner and they did my original ring..so we trusted them with the custom band.
i can’t stop staring at it, and it feels like i just got engaged again.
perfect reminder of our love! i better live up to the diamonds in that ring!
and i better never take it off! i learned that the hard way the first time, haha
best thing to get in the mail!