husband heads home

husband heads home
one thing i love about my husband is that he is such a good friend.
all of his friends can tell you that he will do anything for them, and he’s so loyal! it’s the best quality
and he showed it this weekend by flying home for 24 hours for one of his best friend’s weddings. i missed
him but i was so glad he got to be there..and, we even fit in a date night before he flew out for the wedding.  
^^ friday night dinner at our new favorite thai spot, + seeing the new steve jobs movie ^^

…then chase was off to SLC!
^^ some of the cute groomsmen ^^
^^ i was sad to miss the wedding, but had to hold down the fort here in CA! ^^
the only upsides of having a husband out of town are…
finding lots of little love notes all around the apartment
going on a pretty run
doing some shopping, of course :)
picking up some pretty wrapping paper,
and deciding i need to become crafty.
happy wedding, tay & meg!