the great wall of china

the great wall of china
the great wall was the highlight of our trip.
it may be the cliché tourist stop in china, but a cliché is a cliché
for a reason. 
i will just say, it exceeded all of our expectations!
it probably helped that we went to an incredible 
section of the wall
{the juyong pass} where the views were breathtaking, and we could
hike all the 
way up it! we pulled up and saw all of the gorgeous green
mountain ridges with the great wall lining 
the tops. i didn’t have
a sense of how impressive the wall was, how you could see it in
every direction 
going up and down with the mountain ridges,
and how steep it was! it is still in great condition, 
especially for how
old it is. 1/3 of china’s population worked on the wall as it was being
built, and 
now i can see how that is possible. it’s hard to believe it spans
thousands of miles! it was so hot, 
but we wanted to climb all the way up
— so we did just that! 
climbing and making new friends along the way
little photo shoot at the top of the pass
the hills were breathtaking
i was so happy that there were love locks on the great wall!
we were also asked to take pictures with chinese people so many times on the
great wall…they are the sweetest! i guess we are too tall, we stick out too much!
on top of all this, it was chase’s 25th birthday on the day we visited the great wall.
what could be a better celebration of the big quarter century? we had
already celebrated it at home in california, but i got balloons and we blew
them up on top of the wall to celebrate on the actual day! we had a
peking duck banquet that night, which was the best food we had
in china. it was a great day! now i’m excited to see where we are on
my 25th! :) maybe another wonder of the world {hint..hint chase}
i spy the birthday boy!

our long hike was followed by a big lunch, and some refueling..
we loved checking this off our list of things to see in this did not disappoint!

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  • haha tall and blonde….that’s what the asians get so excited about! my niece is a blondey, and they just love taking pictures with her. it’s funny & weird at the same time…haha. love all the pics!!

  • Yeah…ummm…you somehow managed to look a heck of a lot cuter while climbing the Great Wall than I did! You two are so cute! Aren’t the steps crazy? One big one, one tiny one, one gigantic one, one three-inch-one, etc.

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