my summer reading list

my summer reading list
since it’s the middle of summer and we are off to china today, i made a little list of 
favorite summer books i’ve read so far, and some i want to read before 
summer’s end…and hopefully on the looong flight to asia today!
here they are…be sure to comment with your favorites!
<< books i’ve read so far this summer >>

the paris wife by paula mclain: one of my favorite books in a while! this book tells the story of ernest hemingway and his first wife, and their time in paris and traveling all around europe as he began his career. i love the picture it paints of the 20’s in paris..and the ups and downs of their life together.

the history of love by nicoli krauss: so moving and beautiful. it is not what you think it’s about, but i loved every second of this book. enchanting. 

11/22/63 by stephen king: maybe it’s because i am a big fan of history & politics, but i was obsessed with this book. i could not put it down. i normally don’t love books that aren’t true or couldn’t happen, but this is such an interesting take on time travel, and what changing history would do to the future. centered around the lead-up to JFK’s assassination. i read it so fast!

the fault in our stars by john green: i kept hearing about this book, so i finally got it. it’s always hard to read a story about cancer, but this one is somehow uplifting. augustus is one of my favorite characters i have ever read in a book, and it gives hope even in hard circumstances. a movie is being made from this book soon, so i’ll be interested to see it.

where’d you go, bernadette? by maria semple: this is definitely a unique book, but i found it so refreshing, funny, and honest. it is a modern book about a family in seattle, and bernadette is so crazy but so great. i loved this bizarre, quirky, but endearing story for a quick summer read.

<< books still to read >>
^^ and, here are some books that are still on my summer reading list {i better pick up the pace!} i am most excited to read half broke horses next, because jeannette walls also wrote the glass castle which is one of my very favorite books. i was sent the skinny book by my friend’s PR firm in NYC to review on the blog, so that will be fun to read and hopefully inspire me to eat healthier this summer since it is all about the vegan lifestyle!
i’ve also heard a lot about lean in, and i’m excited for that one too. better start reading!
**which books are on your reading list this summer?**