memorial day 2013: pigeon point lighthouse

memorial day 2013: pigeon point lighthouse
with our anniversary last week, i never had time to post pictures from our fun
memorial day weekend adventure with our best friends! so, here are some pictures
+ a little video of the weekend. a while ago i heard about a lighthouse on the
california coast where you could stay in a hostel at the bottom of it! what?
obviously this was on our to-do list, & we finally checked it off for memorial day
weekend. we drove down through santa cruz, went on to davenport..the cutest
and tiniest beach town ever, had an amazing fish & chips dinner and explored 
the beach, then made it to the secluded lighthouse where we stayed! it was 
so gorgeous and peaceful and unique. we played lots of games, hot tubbed right over 
the ocean, cozied up in the mist, slept in a fun hostel room all together, had lots of
treats we brought with us, went running on the coast all together in the morning,
then headed back for a yummy brunch in santa cruz and some strolling in capitola.
it was a perfect kick off to summer. we are so lucky to live near such amazing places!
here are some pictures, and a video at the start. 

^^ here’s a video of our little weekend below! ^^
^^ whale city bakery in davenport..our friends told us about this, and we are so glad
they did! easily the best fish & chips..lightly battered, and so fresh. ^^
^^ ps..get olallieberry pie! ^^
^^ after dinner, we explored this crazy tunnel/ cave on the beach..
and dusty may or may not have taken a spill into the water! ^^
^^ then we drove up the coast and reached our destination ^^
^^ so beautiful, charming, and cozy! ^^
^^ hot tubbing on the private deck over the ocean ^^
^^ a pretty jog in the morning ^^
^^ yummy memorial day brunch at the buttery bakery
you can tell by the name how good it is :) ^^
^^ then strolled through capitola, the cutest town ^^
^^ and of course, a little stop at marianne’s ice cream, the best in santa cruz! ^^
we love these friends of ours, we love holiday weekends, we love california!
see our video here!