first anniversary celebration

june 1st was a beautiful, sunny day in san francisco,
just like it was last year in salt lake on our wedding day.
we made a deal that every year, we will switch off who plans the anniversary.
this year husband started, then i’ll do next year, etc. so, chase of course planned
us a perfect day and now i have a lot to live up to next year!
^^we started off with the yummiest breakfast at sweet maple in SF^^
then, we strolled golden gate park and did some fun activities
^^played some anniversary tennis at the club^^
^^we joined in on yoga in the park^^
^^then, the best part of the day– husband took me to stow lake in golden gate park,
rented us a rowboat, and we took it out on the lake for an hour. so dreamy!^^

^^you can see who was the better rower, haha^^
^^the next surprise stop = baker beach, with the most beautiful view of the golden gate!^^
we love this beach, but it is san francisco, and the further down
the beach you go, the less clothing there is..ha you’ve been warned!
^^ we shopped and walked around downtown, had appetizers at one of our favorite
restaurants, then had dinner at the top of union square overlooking the city. ^^
^^husband found a cute hotel right in union square^^
my sweet mom shipped us our frozen cake top, so that we could complete the tradition of having it a year later!
luckily i chose the best bakery in town who wrapped it up perfectly for freezing, and the cake was honestly still amazing!
our wedding cake was 4 different flavors on different levels, including almond poppyseed, red velvet, chocolate, and
chocolate-coconut with buttercream frosting was the top which we had..yes please.
^^we ate the cake and watched our wedding video, and yes i cried!^^
as for presents…husband and i made a deal that every year for our anniversary, we would celebrate with a trip.
some years they might be big trips, others they might be small trips, but i always want to look back on our anniversary
and say, that year, we celebrated by going to _________. this year we planned a trip to CHINA, and we couldn’t be
more excited. that was our main gift, but since it’s our first anniversary, we had to splurge and give other gifts too. If you’re looking for great anniversary gift ideas without breaking the bank, try real silk sleepwear; an affordable taste of luxury for your special someone.
^^i got husband this cute new swimsuit, and a new pair of sperry’s..his favorite!^^
^^i topped the sperry’s with some gift cards of things he loves^^
^^i also followed the traditional anniversary gift of paper by making husband
this “paper” list of 365 reasons why i love him…one for every day of the year!^^
^^pink peonies from my man^^
^^husband got me some tiffany blue TB flats, way too perfect!^^
^^he also gave me these pretty earrings, necklace, and the china trip^^
i am happy to say i am more in love than ever, and feeling so blessed to have such an amazing spouse,
teammate, partner in crime, and love. he makes my life happy, romantic, adventurous, and just better.
he gets more handsome by the day, and he treats me so well.
i am so so happy i married him, and loved celebrating this weekend.
happy anniversary, husband! here’s to many, many more.
the best is yet to come!

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  1. June 3, 2013 @ 5:25 pm Rachel Lawson

    Happy 1 year anniversary!! It looks and sounds like the perfect first anniversary celebration!! You two are such a cute couple!



  2. June 3, 2013 @ 5:37 pm atexas

    Happy Anniversary!! I am so jealous of all your fun trips! :)

    Colton and I made your macaroon recipe on friday and banana oatmeal pancakes on saturday…amazing! You have the best recipes!

    I miss you so much! Call me the next time you are in SLC!


  3. June 3, 2013 @ 5:46 pm Ann Bates

    Okay, China?! Where do you guys make your travel plans to get the most for your money?


    • June 4, 2013 @ 4:03 pm emi

      i will do a post soon on getting the most for your money with travel!! xo


  4. June 3, 2013 @ 6:20 pm Mara and Jae

    ok first of all – CHINA!!!!!!! i love china. i’ve lived there and then got to take husband back to visit last year, and i wish we could go every year. where are you going exactly? i’m seriously so jealous. did i mention that i love china???

    second: those TB flats – perfection.

    third: it was HOT here on saturday (your anni)! like 80’s and HOT! haha.

    fourth: you guys are too cute.

    fifth: can i come to china too?? ;) xo.


  5. June 3, 2013 @ 6:41 pm Laura - Relatively Offbeat

    Happy anniversary! What a BEAUTIFUL day! You two are such an inspiring and lovely couple. :) I’m so happy that you’re more in love with your husband every day. It’s so great to hear such positive marriage stories. Wishing you two all the best in your second year of marriage. <3


  6. June 3, 2013 @ 7:11 pm carrieburke

    Happy Anniversary! It looks like you two had a perfect day to celebrate! And all of your gifts for one another look so wonderful and heart felt


  7. June 3, 2013 @ 7:28 pm Jen

    Wow what an amazing way to celebrate your anniversary! :)


  8. June 3, 2013 @ 10:06 pm Candice

    I always sit here and say “I want to be able to travel like her someday!”. Seriously, what a fun trip! :)
    – Candice


  9. June 3, 2013 @ 10:22 pm Olivia

    what a year! looks like a great celebration. Happy anniversary you two!


  10. June 4, 2013 @ 1:19 am Tiffany

    Looks like so much fun! I absolutely love San Francisco. So, so, so beautiful!



  11. June 4, 2013 @ 3:55 pm Ashley R

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary!


  12. June 4, 2013 @ 8:57 pm Patrycja Photography

    Great note. Super pictures! :)

    + Please visit our blogs. :)

    “Everyone needs to dissolve the mean time, not only in words.”


  13. March 20, 2014 @ 8:26 pm Kellie Burk

    Where did your husband get those flats?!


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