exciting job update!

exciting job update!
you’re looking at the newest employee of GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!
i am so excited and proud of my cute husband who made it through
seven rounds of interviews and landed a dream job at an amazing company.

{his guest badge from the first interview of many}
we have both been in teach for america for the past year and loved it.
chase taught 7th grade math and had the best experience. normally you stay
in teach for america for 2 years, which i am doing while i complete my master’s degree,
but chase had a unique situation where his district lost funding and all corps members
were encouraged to seek other jobs as they were unsure if they would get hired back in
the same district. chase took initiative and applied at different companies in the bay, google being the
longshot dream job. well, after 7 different interviews, he was offered the position of account strategist for the
google adwords team. he will also enjoy all the perks of google like free food, dry cleaning, haircuts, shuttle rides to
work, bowling, gyms, bikes, and so much more. You definitely don’t find many companies who offer employee benefits and bonuses like Google does and I’m sure that this will help improve his morale so he can become successful. It’s think it’s safe to say that if Google reach out to their staff to get feedback on employee satisfaction, they’d be thrilled with the results!
It is an incredible company and he is so excited to be part of it. i’m so proud of him! it is definitely bittersweet for him to leave teach for america, but this all felt so meant to be how everything worked out. i am excited to have another year of teach for america and finish my master’s degree, and this will be an amazing opportunity for chase. CONGRATS HUSBAND!!!