R O M E {part one}

R O M E {part one}
you amazed us. i already loved italy, but i had no idea what
i had been missing out on by never visiting you before.
you were charming, historic, incredible, interesting,
and most of all..delicious! we loved our time with
you, and we will be back! {we even threw our
coins in the trevi fountain to ensure that!}


^^ michelle at via di michele! ^^
^^ my favorite door ever…i made chase promise to make our 
front door on our future home look exactly like this one day ^^ 
^^ spanish steps! ^^
^^ trevi fountain- we LOVED this place so much! ^^
^^ our 2nd favorite gelato in rome ^^
^^ went shopping + died over the italian fashion!
need that coat, even though it was 900 euros ^^

^^ favorite pizza spot ^^

^^ FRIGIDARIUM GELATO……no words can describe it! 
best we have ever tasted, PLUS dipped in chocolate..mmmmmm! ^^

^^ roma sparita, home of the best pasta! the restaurant was really full,
so the owner took us to this back room to eat…so authentic and amazing! ^^

^^ streets of rome, right by our hotel ^^

^^ chase’s parents throwing coins in the trevi ^^

we sure loved you, roma.
more pictures of the vatican, coliseum, etc..to come!