apple picking date

apple picking date
this week we checked another fall date off our list…apple picking!
we loved that it was a rainy thursday. it made this date ten times more romantic.
our best friends out here in the bay had told us about a ranch where we could go and pick apples,
so you bet this was at the top of our list to do! it’s in between the bay and monterey, so we took an
amazing mountain road and ended up at gizdich ranch. i felt like we were in a movie scene as
we ran from the bakery to the apple shop to the antique shop to the pumpkin patch in the rain,
and picked a few apples before cozying up to some warm pie together while we listened to the
rain hit their tin roofs. such an adventure. i told husband that i never feel more in love than
when we are on an adventure together..especially in the rain! 
we loved this little fall date!
i gave chase a cheesy note on the car ride there saying…
“if i had to choose again, i’d still pick you!” 
(sorry, couldn’t help it ;) some fun facts about our date:
fact #1: this place has the world’s best apple juice.
it is unbelievable how delicious that stuff is!
there’s literally
nothing in it but a blend of their best apples. that’s it. no
added sugar or anything. i wish we had bought 10 gallons of it!
fact #2: they also have the greatest fresh pies made right there with all their own fruit!
have you ever had an olallieberry pie?it’s a hybrid berry they grow
on the farm 
and it’s incredible. i could use a piece right now!

fact #3: the pumpkin patch and antique store were the perfect additions to our date.

 we highly recommend finding a place to pick apples for a fall date…
now off to make applesauce and apple crisp and apple juice!