thursday thoughts

thursday thoughts
 happy thursday! welcome to our random 
thoughts of the day…
first and most importantly, i have to share our favorite quick dessert:  
soufflés in a mug!
this is something that everyone should know. 
if you want a yummy chocolate cake but
don’t have much time, mix these 3 ingredients 
in a mug and microwave for 50 seconds! 

1 egg • 1/4 c. powdered sugar • 2 Tbsp. cocoa powder
mix up, put in microwave for 50 seconds. eat it while warm and add ice cream!
next, i need to show something i’m obsessed with at our apartment building: 
these pink lanterns are the first things i saw when we pulled up during the
apartment search, and i immediately fell in love and wanted to live here. i always feel 
like i’m in italy or spain when i come home to our building. 
these kinds of texts make my day
i don’t know why i’m finding so many cute swimsuits right
when summer is ending…but i guess we live in california
so it’s always swim suit season right? RIGHT??
currently reading this for book club.
{thanks mom for having every book i ever need}
it is different but i’m loving it and it makes me want to “live a better story”
i am craving these ice cream sandwiches AND this friend so 
i’m excited to see her tonight! {and watch modern family}
speaking of modern family, i just found this picture of when
we met PHIL DUNPHY! best night of our lives. can’t wait
to watch the season premiere tonight!
has anyone used this site for running routes before? love can find route
 based on distance wherever you are…and it’s an iphone app too!
perfect thing for living in a new place.
important note to self: veggie pot pies from whole foods are amazing

i laughed when i saw this because it really is true right now…too busy!
good thing husband is able to do the dishes, take out the trash, and still look good.
if you’re a fan of In-N-Out burger, check out their secret menu i discovered!
i might like it more now that i know i can get some of these variations.
speaking of groceries, this is the best dressing ever from trader joe’s.
loving this waterbottle
and lastly, speaking of running:
 these tiffany blue nikes are sort of a necessity if you ask me!

happy thursday! what are some of your random thursday thoughts?
do you watch modern family?
what book are you reading at the moment?