home sweet home

home sweet home
we were so lucky to be able to
come home for 2 weeks after
our training in LA…and before
moving to the bay! we loved
being home and seeing all
our favorite people.
the cute poster above was made
by my dad and was a great welcome home!
here are some photos of our visit:
pulling up to the best street in the world!
nothing like coming home this.
 we loved being with our family and
cute nieces & nephews. little tagg was
born right before we left, so we loved
seeing how much he has already grown!
backyard meal the first night we were home
chase loved taking a spin in his dad’s new car!
lots of backyard swimming
we took kona everywhere because we
had missed her so much…and obviously
we tired her out too!
 we loved being able to see chase’s mom’s model homes she has been
working so hard on! shelley is amazing and so talented.
these pictures didn’t work but it was fun to
see pat & ashley and play some tennis with a picnic.
also loved seeing our “daughter”
 ceichers on her birthday!
lots of hikes up in neff’s and millcreek canyon
did our favorite runs with my cute mom and kona
paid a visit to oc tanner to get my ring resized
so that this never happens again! :)
 played with this little babe every day we could
love maddie mae!
and love little taggart

love these 3..chase’s cute nieces & nephews
saw our cute cousin travis win state swimming!
so fun to watch him while we were watching all the olympians!
loved every second of the sound of music
at hale theatre
hosted a fun little olympic party with friends where
we had dinner and not only watched olympics,
but played them! the volleyball game was the best part.
had linny’s amazing food
homemade peach vanilla ice cream…best ever!
more good meals
spent time with brady and mindy and tagg
watched olympics every night!
did a fun run up emigration canyon to ruth’s diner,
where we had breakfast with chase’s family.
saw best friends {and spent 2.5 hours at
the dodo with them…can never stop chatting!}
did some back to school shopping…cute
new sperry’s from nordy for husband!
hung out with these cutie pies
got a nice manicure/pedicure…thanks mom!
 enjoyed lots of cafe rio…
and citris grill…can’t survive without my favorite restaurants!
made it to chase’s family reunion down in mapleton…
it was so fun and HOT. love this barn where it was held!
and even had a little overnight getaway up at
the homestead…we loved it! thanks linny!
we are so sad to leave but so excited for the
adventure ahead…and so lucky to have
such an amazing place to call home!